Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Black Country Living Museum Christmas Evening

Last Friday I took my family for a night out at the Black Country Museum in Dudley for their traditional christmas evening. I wasn't able to take many photos as my camera is my iPod, and its not brilliant in the dark! You may remember that I also went for Halloween with my friends. 

Anyway, when we arrived for the Christmas night we were greeted by the fabulous town crier, telling jokes and keeping everyone in the queue happy while we were waiting to go in! If you haven't been to the Black Country museum, it is a living museum meaning that it is set up like a village which you are free to explore. There are houses, a church, a pub, a school etc all moved brick by brick to the museum. They were all dressed up for Christmas, and with the coal fires they are all so cosy!

We went into the school and met Mrs Griffiths (or ma'am as we had to call her) and both myself and mom had to go to the front of the class as we were in trouble as "polish is for your boots and not your nails"

We also took the chance to drink mulled wine and listen to the salvation army band play. All in all it was a lovely evening and I was grateful to spend time with my family.

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