Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas in London Day 2

So day 2 in London was all about the shopping! I actually didn't go crazy with spending but I bought a few little things that I LOVE (haul coming soon, but bear with me). We first headed to Covent Garden, a place that I adore for a number of reasons. I loved how it was decorated, simplistic but beautifully Christmassy. Is Christmassy even a word? If its not it is now.

First stop was Whittard of Chelsea where we tried ALL the drinks. I wanted to buy lots, but as we had a long day of tubes and walking I was worried about losing bags or having lots to carry so we didn't. For future me though ... the white hot chocolate was amazing and you need to get some. 

I had to include the picture below. Tom and I always share a box of macarons from Laduree, but he is so boring and orders four liquorice!

We then took a trip to Shoreditch because we wanted to go to the cereal killer cafe (review to come soon but spoiler alert I LOVED it) We went into the old Spitalfield market where I picked up some vest tops (I know very festive)

Then I went into absolute vintage. I always thought that vintage shops were really expensive but I stumbled across a 5 for £10 section in Absolute Vintage and of course picked up 5 pieces which I am sure I will show you a later date. Its pretty certain to say I fell in love with Shoreditch!

I had ana amazing time and it has made me want to go vintage shopping and also charity shopping properly in London!

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