Tuesday, 29 December 2015

December Empties 2015

I feel like I have been doing really well again this month, using a lot of different products, but when it came time to do this post I realised I only actually emptied three products this month! This will be a combination between using lots of lush bath bombs this month and also having a shelf full of almost empty face washes ... I like variety so tend to use a different one each night!

Anyway lets start with the Raspberry Pavlova bath and shower gel above. I bought this a while ago in the LOROs shop for £1 which I thought was a total bargain, someones unwanted Christmas present I believe! It was ok, but the scent wasn't very strong. It did make for a good bubbly bath though! Just checked online and this is £5.69 a bottle!

Will I Be Repurchasing? NO.

I seem to get through one of these every month on here! I tend to get through whatever is on offer at the supermarket. Not really much else to say!

Will I Repurchase? YES
I was really excited to try this as I love the comforter bubble bar, so when I was gifted it I was over the moon! However, I really didn't like it. I thought that the smell was really odd, not at all like the bubble bar. I also thought it had a really strange gloopy consistency to it! Very dissapointed with this one!

Will I Repurchase? NO

So not a good month this month on the emptying products front, and also 2/3 I wouldn't repurchase! Feel free to link me to your empties posts as I would love to have a read!

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