Saturday, 26 December 2015


So I decided that I would post this just after Christmas, when I am sure mine and your bellies will be full of turkey (or nut roast, or whatever you have eaten). However I know that this post will make me jealous of past me who was relaxing, drinking all inclusive cocktails, not freezing my ass off and wishing I could stay there forever.

So apologies in advance for the photo heavy post. Also if you are interested, early next year I am hoping to do a post on what I wore on my holiday next year (and it is mostly charity shop)

On the beach there were chipmunks that came right up to you if you had some food for them.

Tom and I had a lovely meal at the La Choza restaurant sat looking out to sea.

I spent a lot of time laying on the sunbed by the chill out pool. It was adults only and wonderful

Another a la carte meal. The main and pudding were terrible! But my starter of prawn, avocado and pineapple was to die for!

Relaxing on twitter with a pina colada!

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