Thursday, 24 December 2015

Herman Ze German

Being the cheapskate that I am usually I was adament that our trip to London wasn't going to break the bank but at the same time I wanted to enjoy food we hadn't had before. There are 3 locations in London, but the one we visited was on Charlotte St. I was pleasently suprised when we arrived to find it wasn't too busy and were handed the above menu. I love that you order by ticking off what you want ... less chance of getting it wrong!

I went for the currywurst and it was absolutely delicious! If you have ever been to germany you will know that this is a wurst (sausage) cut up into pieces and covered with a curry sauce. Topped with crispy onions this was to die for. It was just as nice (maybe better) than what I had tasted in Germany and I wouldnt hesitate to go back again!

Tom went for Ze Uber Ding ... A spicy chilli wurst in a roll with jalepenos, cheese and fresh onions. I had a little taste and it about burnt my mouth off but if you are a fan of spicy I would say go for it!

At just under £15 for the two of us I would definately recommend it, whether you are after a bargain or just enjoy german food!!

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