Thursday, 3 December 2015

John Lewis

Something I have never been to before is the John Lewis NHS shopping event. I don't know if this is something that happens around the country but I know it has happened the last two years in Leicester. This year I took Tom and Nana along with me and we had a fabulous night which really started me off in the Christmas spirit for the year! We decided to start at the ground floor and work our way up (as we had heard there was prosecco and mince pies free of charge on the top floor!)

I fell in love with this dress from FCUK (You can see it better here) but I nearly had a heart attack when I looked at the price (£175) this is why I shop in charity shops ... but I mean if someone was to donate this to a charity shop after Christmas and I was to find it it may end up in my wadrobe (a girl can dream right?)

I didnt visit the personal styling team but I was really tempted to buy one of the Liz Earle giftsets but I just cant! I reason that if I fell in love with it there is no way in my current budget I could afford to keep buying it! The clarins girls were doing free mini facials but I didnt take advantage (but its good to know for next year)

The next floor was all about food! They were showing us a superblender and how easily it made pea and mint soup which I am going to try out with my soup maker (recipe to be on the blog soon if it is a success. They were also sampling these sauces and chutneys! Tom tried the hot cajun sauce and I went for a spiced apple chutney which I would definately recommend! We also tried cheese and wine samples from waitrose and now I need to make a trip there! 

We headed up to the cafe on the top floor for prosecco and mince pies before heading back down to make some sneaky purchases before heading home! Thank you to John Lewis for arranging this event - it is nice to see NHS staff appreciated!!

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