Saturday, 5 December 2015

Leicester Christmas In The City

Every year since I have been living in Leicester my parents come to visit for the Christmas light switch on and this year was possibly the best yet. They came up on the morning and we all went off to the vintage fair. I wanted to blog about this but I didn't get any semi decent photos so sorry about that!

There were actual reindeer!! They were gorgeous and I actually stroked one which was much fluffier than I was expecting!

There was also the Leicester winter food festival. I am always impressed by the events in Leicester as the market is always celebrated and there were plenty of stalls selling everything from chinese, indian, cheeses, hog roast ... you name it, it was there. I really enjoy living amognst such a vibrant multi cultural city. The picture above is of Brocklebeys pies which are made in Melton Mowbray and they are the most delicious pies I have ever tried! I will hopefully be doing a full blog post on them in the near future.

I couldn't let my parents go home without introducing them to BRU could I? And so we went for dessert! My favourite thing on the menu was suggested to me by the girl on the till (sorry I don't know your name!) But a white chocolate and cranberry bronkie (A hybrid of cookie and brownie) topped with a scoop of mince pie gelato. Christmas pudding? Nah I will stick with this as my festive dessert thankyou!!

So there you have it, Christmas in the City!

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