Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Our Christmas Tree

So I wanted to share with you our Christmas Tree. In my family it has always been tradition that the tree goes up on December 1st. Three years ago, myself and Tom found ourselves in our first place just the two of us (don't get too excited, its rented) but anyway I think we ended up putting up the tree obscenely early like the beginning of November.

Then last year, our cats were kittens and they kept on pulling it down. This year? We put it up on the 10th! This is horrendously late but with how busy we have been (oh did I mention we went on holiday? No?) this was the first day it could go up!

I like to stick to very traditional colours on our tree where possible, mostly reds, greens and golds. I also HATE tinsel. Unpopular opinion maybe but I have in the past told Tom off for trying to put tinsel anywhere near the tree. If you read my blog about LOROs hospice  you will know that sadly my father in law passed away back in 2012 and so this decoration takes pride of place on our tree in his memory.

I hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek of my tree. I tried to include the photo below but I can't say it looks brilliant, but it looks so cosy in our lounge with all its lights on!


  1. You've got a lovely tree! My favourites are the ones that stick to festive colours. My parents one was red & gold for years & I loved it! Unfortunately, the red became tricky for me as it's one of the colours that affects my migraine the most so they have since changed it. Dan & I have gone with a silver & black colour scheme to be as neutral as possible for my head. I like it, but nothing beets red & gold (except for the pain!). Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  2. Your tree is lovely! I like to put ours up early too, usually the 1st of December (but like you, years ago when I moved into my first flat it was up on 25th November!) This year we couldn't put the tree up til the new sofa was delivered so we had to wait until the 13th of Dec! Urgh!

    Merry Christmas!


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