Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Christmas Q&A

So, I don't know if there is already one of these going around already but I wanted to get myself and you into the Christmas spirit by doing a little Q&A. I won't be tagging anyone, but I would love for you to answer the questions and share your links with me!

What Is Your Favourite Thing About Christmas?

This one is easy for me! Its getting to spend time with my family. I work within the NHS and so Christmas really only comes properly for me every other year as on the other years I have to work on the ward. It really makes you appreciate your family.

Do You Have A Family Tradition?

We always get new PJs for christmas eve! Its a tradition I hope to carry on when we have children!

What Is Your Favourite Tree Decoration?

I have one that is in memory of my father in law who sadly passed away in 2012. It's lovely to have him as part of our christmas tree.

What Is Your Go To Christmas Film?

It has to be tha Santa Claus! Although Elf has a special spot! This year I have collected a few films from charity shops that I havent seen or in some cases heard of so I can't wait to have a cosy night in and watch them!

What Is Your Perfect Christmas Drink?

It has to be something hot! I love hot chocolate and I am obsessed with the festive orange hot chocolate they do at BRU. However my all time favourite will always be a baileys hot chocolate ... especially if drunk while walking around a christmas market!

What Is Your Christmas Day Routine?

We get up ... I tend to wake up really early as I have the mental age of a 4 year old. We open presents straight away then have christmas dinner later on. This year me and Tom will be having breakfast and opening our presents just the two of us which will be really nice!

Do You Glam Up For Christmas?

Nope! I wear something really comfy. The comfier the better.

What Is Your Favourite Christmas Snack?

Pigs in Blankets! Would you class them as a snack? I also love the malteaser bunnies. Oh and cheese and crackers! I just love food ok??


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  1. Yes for The Santa Clause! Best Xmas film.
    Bless you working for the NHS. I think a lot of people forget the people like doctors, nurses, carers etc who don't always get a proper Christmas and should appreciate it a lot more. I'm glad it helps you to treasure the time with your fam though! <3

    Danielle xo


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