Friday, 25 December 2015

The Little Things: Four

Firstly, if you are reading this on the day it's published MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you have stuffed yourself full of christmas dinner and recieved some lovely presents!

I think this is now officially the longest blog series on here! I am terrible at sticking to things but this time I want to keep this going. One thing I like about it is that when I am feeling low I can look back through these post and hopefully smile.

The Salvation Army Band

This week I have heard them in both Leicester and Asda and they just make me feel so festive. There is something I love about hearing the brass band play old christmas tunes!

The Secret Life of Kids at Christmas

I mentioned that I had been loving this series and last week they put on a special nativity play with the children from the original series and also a few guest appearences from this series. I was truly laughing at some of the things they came out with and if you haven't seen it, go put it on right now the whole family will love it!

Home Alone

I have NEVER seen it until now, and I have been laughing my socks off at it! I know I can't believe its taken me this long either. 

My secret santa present

I always think that secret santa can be a bit hit and miss. You never know if the person who gets you is going to really know you all that well, and you never want to seem ungrateful! However the person who got me this year knows me very well and got me the gift above!
Crumpets with butter

I know very very naughty but I had them a couple of times for lunch this week and I was just in love!  

The little boy I made friends with on the bus

He was telling me all about how Santa is coming and how the elves are building him a wooden pirate ship because he's been a good boy and he totally melted my heart.

Convincing my patient to eat a yoghurt

This really made me happy. If you work in care you will know that sometimes when patients with dementia come into hospital they get really stressed, and this patient would only eat for her husband. So when she had a whole yoghurt from me it made me feel that I had done a good job as I had managed to get her to trust me.

The dream of moving to London

I really do have this ultimate dream of moving to London and I have been thinking about it more and more this week, and I have been happy in the daydream 

A few extra hours in bed

I was feeling terrible after working too many hours at work and so I managed to take a few hours leave from work and do a shorter shift. Its amazing how a few extra hours just sitting watching youtube and drinking tea.

Earl Gray Tea at Bru

I am really into loose leaf tea, a good cup of proper tea just makes me so happy. You know how much I love bru and their tea is amazing!


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  1. I can't believe you hadn't seen Home Alone before! WHAT?! And, ahhh! Children, huh? They say the sweetest things!
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