Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Little Things: One

So I have seen these all over the blogosphere and decided I would start my own. Usually this will be on a Friday and I am going to try and find little positives in everyday. Then when I am having bad mental health days hopefully I can look back at these and smile, and also try to find positives in even the crappiest days! This was supremely easy this week as I have just come back from holiday. To be honest I feel a little sad to be back and so here are a few things that have made me smile this week. 

Our room being ready when we checked in.

When we got to the airport all around were people being told there rooms weren't ready yet, so when they said ours was I was very grateful! Travelling and fibromyalgia make me really tired and I was grateful to get a lie down!

Fanta orange and Fanta lemon mixed together.

This will from now on be the taste of holiday in my head, try it!

Playing Pool with Tom.

Tom enjoys playing pool and I was always rubbish at it, but he's taught me to play properly and this holiday I really got into it! I even beat him twice (once on a technicality and once because he was being cocky, but still twice!!)

Feeling confident in my swimming costume.

I was really skeptical about wearing swim wear this year and I was definitely not going to wear a bikini! However when I put on my polkadot pink swimming costume I just felt really confident and comfy! I might do a blog post on this, who knows!

Honey Rum

I had the odd shot of this when we went to Gran Canaria when I was like 13 (naughty me yeah) but as an adult I had a glass of this most nights! Its a canarian special, and its VERY nice. I even bought a bottle home ...

Eating tomatoes with locally produced olive oil and sea salt

Basically we went on an excursion to a family farm where we ate there tomatoes, drizzled in their own olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. I am actually crazing them now I am home (I mean me, craving tomatoes?)

Stargazing and Seeing Shooting Stars

When we were on the farm we did a spot of stargazing and I saw around 5 shooting stars! I will be doing a full blog post of this excursion but it was the most romantic night. 

Listening to Christmas Songs In The Sun

This one made me smile more than it should have done. Yesterday morning I sat on the balcony in the sun listening to christmas songs and it just felt so odd!!

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