Friday, 18 December 2015

The Little Things: Three

So who would have thought, I am here on my third instalment of the little things! That said though, I am still blogging after I usually give these things up mega quickly. This week has been slightly slower after the last two busy weeks but here we go ...


I have been really enjoying watching Vlogmas this year, especially Lily Pebbles and The Michelaks. Every night I come home from work and have at least a couple of hours worth of blogs to watch! I just have them on in the background while I am doing mundane tasks or having a bath!

The Cheery Bus Driver Monday Morning

On monday morning I met the cheeriest bus driver ever! Wearing a christmas tree jumper and smiling and saying good morning to everyone she just made monday morning a lot more tolerable!

Singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the bus stop

We live in a village and are usually the only people at the bus stop. The bus was late, I started singing and Tom joined in. It made me smile so much.


Tom and I have cineworld unlimited cards which I absolutely love because I love going to the cinema but it is so expensive! We went to see Sisters and it made me actually laugh out loud all the way through. I really recommend it!   
Sausage sandwich in bed

Yesterday I wasn't feeling great at all and so I spent the day in bed and Tom went out and got me a sausage sandwich from the local cob shop! He is lovely.#

Seeing Leanne

My friend Leanne and I don't get to see each other that often, so when we do we tend to have a good proper gossip. We went to harvester and chatted about pretty much everything!

Spending the weekend with my family

I spent the weekend in Dudley at my parents house and got to see all of my family who I love to bits including my amazing Grandad, who at 94 is one of my biggest loves!   



  1. Fab post lovely, aw that was so lovely of Tom to get you the sausage sandwich :) Good ol’ Dudley ;)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. I miss dudley so much. I am hoping we can buy a house there once Tom finishes his PHD.

      Oh and yeah hes a good egg :)


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