Friday, 11 December 2015

The Little Things: Two

So, the second week of this has again been really easy. I think I am going to find these harder once I am back in the normal routine of work etc. That said though december is a busy month and I have got lots of little things going on and so maybe its going to be easy to find things. Anyway here goes ...

Snuggling With My Cats

If you didn't already know I have three cats Nancy, Fagan and Dodger. Since fetching them from the cattery they have been really clingy! Especially Fagan (the tabby) has not left me alone! I wasn't feeling well a couple of days this week and had to retire to my bed and he got in right beside me and we snuggled.

As I mentioned, I haven't been feeling too well this week and I have been enjoying having naps! The thing with Fibromyalgia is that some time you just have to listen to your body (something I am not good at) and so I have had a couple of afternoon naps this week and have felt much better for it.

The Secret Life of 4,5 and 6 year olds

I have been watching this for weeks and I absolutey love it! Seeing into their play is amazing, and some of their conversations are so grown up! The 5 year olds were talking about the sun and space and it was just fascinating. You can get it on 4od if you haven't seen it!
White Toblerone

I don't like white chocolate but Tom does so in the airport he bought two massive toblerones. Its delicious. Like I want to make another trip to the airport just to buy more ..
Bru White Hot Chocolate

I don't know what has got into me this week! I went into Bru (my favourite coffee shop in Leicester you can see my post about their festive treats here) and I thought I would try this, and it was gorgeous! 
The #WearWhatWhereDecember on Instagram

I don't actually know how I found this hashtag, someone on my feed must have been taking part but I am obsessed with it! I really love browsing through other peoples styles and it is like a photo challenge where there are prompts for each day! 

Jack Daniels Sauce at TGI Fridays

On monday it was my friend Sammies birthday and so we went to TGI Fridays for lunch (we were only allowed to go if we promised not to tell them it was her birthday) and I am in LOVE with the jack daniels sauce ... I may have to get some for myself ...
The HUGE waterstones in Piccadily Square

I know this isn't strictly a Little Thing but just being there makes me so happy. I love books and I am a real bookworm at heart. Now aswell that I am getting into fashion and beauty I love looking around and browsing books such as the satorialist and this store I could spend hours just getting lost in the books!
Christmas Lights EVERYWHERE

We walked A LOT when we were in London. By a lot I mean that I now have blisters on most of my toes and am spending the day in bed in a complete fibromyalgia exhaustion (but thats ok because my bed is mega comfy) but the point is there were christmas lights everywhere! My favourite were on carnaby street and I will share some pictures in a blog post soon.
Seeing Raj from four rooms

Tom and I love watching four rooms (usually snuggled up in bed)  and outside Victoria Station we saw Raj! However we were too British to go up and ask for a selfie ... y'know just in case it wasn't him and was just a doppleganger ...

We decided to take the tube to Shoreditch as we had never been there before and I think I fell in Love! From the markets, the vintage shops, the cereal killer cafe (more coming up on a blog post soon) I think I could happily live there (I mean if I had a few million in the bank ...)
Orangutan cracks up at magic trick

Sometimes you just see a youtube video and it cracks you up. Well this is it... go watch here!

So what little things have been making you smile this week? I would love to see!

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