Monday, 28 December 2015

What I Was Treated To For Christmas 2015

So I feel like I have to do the usual blogger disclaimer here of I am not bragging, blah blah blah. I don't know why we do that actually? I mean I really enjoy reading what other people got for Christmas, probably because I am nosey. Anyway I wanted to share the beautifully thoughtful presents that I kindly received this christmas!

So firstly my stocking! As you know I am a frugal loving girl and as so, me and Tom have a £10 stocking challenge that we try and get as much cool stuff as we can! His from me ended up being 90% chocolate but he was more than happy with that! He managed to get me an array of little things, and I think my favourite was probably the shoe book he managed to get from poundland!

Tom is very good at listening to things I like throughout the year and always manages to surprise me with things I have forgotten that I have mentioned! Like this electric tart burner at the front. I had been moaning earlier in the year about the fact that my wax tarts don't burn very long with tealights under them and so he had picked this up!

He also bought me the nail varnish because he liked the colours, a mindfulness book by a man we went to hear speak at his university and my favourite of all a box of uplifting quote cards (which I am going to be showing you more of in the near future as I love them so much)

From my parents and brother I usually get money but this year I asked for surprises instead. I love surprises and they got me spot on. Baileys chocolat luxe, lots of cosy clothes and socks, a book of musicals ... oh and my spice rack which I did ask for! You know you are getting old when you enjoy homewear! My mom also bought me a beautiful black hooded cape which I just adore!

Then my Nana. She is wonderful and knows me so well. My own Nan and I dont speak, but Nana always treats me so well. Every present I opened she said "oh I saw this and couldn't resist!! The wire chicken at the back she found in a charity shop! Like I say, she knows me very well!

Please feel free to link your posts below as I would love to see what everyone was treated to for Christmas!


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  1. OMG I love Catherine Tate! I wish she brought out more series of her show!



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