Saturday, 30 January 2016

101 In 1001 Update: January

So today is my first official update, and how am I getting on? If you haven't seen my 101 in 1001 list its a bit like a bucket list but of things I want to achieve within the 1001 days,

Health and Fitness 

I can't actually tick off anything on this list yet, but I am making progress towards it! I lost 7lbs in January and I am happy to be on my Slimming World journey again.

Days and Nights Out

Nothing to be ticked off here either! January has been a funny month in that I made huge changes to my working hours for the sake of my health and we haven't really been out much but this should all be changing next months!

Finance and Savings

I am making progress at both clearing my credit card and also saving for the house deposit. I am planning Frugal February so hopefully that will be my month that I go without spending on any non essentials!


Nothing really to say here! 

House and Home

I am taking part in the challenge to declutter my home. I also bought a digital radio which you can read about here and I love it! 

Foodie Things

Again not done too well in this one! I went to the Launch night of the kitchen at the cookie in Leicester but I am not counting that as eating out at an independent until I have actually eaten a full meal there (which hopefully will be in the not too distant future) 


I have definitely made a huge improvement in sorting out my wardrobe! I wrote about my feelings towards holding on or letting go, but I still have a long way to go! 

Beauty and Pampering

I have been watching a lot of videos on how to do my eyeliner, how to whiten my teeth, how to grow my hair long etc ...

Mental Health

Nothing to declare really. My mental health hasn't really been good this month but I have been making it my focus. No sign of coming off my medication any time soon.




I did my first photo an hour post and so that is progress. As for a blogging schedule, I have been blogging everyday now since November and I intend to keep going. I am working on a few regular series too so stay tuned. I feel I have started most of the goals here and it is just a case of keeping going!

Films and Books.

Films I have seen: 3
Books I have read: 0
Documentaries I have seen: 0 

I really need to pick this up!

Goals Completed This Month: 1
Goals Completed In Total: 1

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