Saturday, 2 January 2016

101 In 1001

So I have been questioning whether to do a 30 before I am 30 post but actually I decided on the 101 in 1001 Project. I first saw it on Becky's blog and thought it was an amzing idea. 

Start Date: January 1st 2016
End Date: September 28th 2018


1. Run in the colour run

2. Do a couch to 5k plan
3. Go a month without fast food
4. Get To My target weight
5. Maintain my target weight 
6. Achieve a healthy BMI
7. Achieve a healthy body fat percentage
8. Become a Yogi
9. Successfully complete the 30 day shred
10. Buy a bicycle 
11. Participate in an obstacle course
12. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday for a month
13. Run a 10k race

Days and Nights out

14. Go on a picnic
15. Ride in a hot air balloon
16. Go Ice Skating
17. Go zorbing 
18. Visit an Ice Bar
19. Attend Oktoberfest
20. Have a date night with Tom once a month
21. Visit Chester Zoo
22. Go punting 
23. Spend a winter weekend somewhere cosy with Tom
24. Visit 5 museums 
25. Visit a ski slope 
26. Go to more of the Leicester festivals

Finance and Savings

27. Clear my credit card
28. Participate in Penny Go Lightlys Tenner Week challenge 
29. Save up a house deposit
30. Create a budget and stick to it
31. Go a month without buy any non essentials

32. Donate blood 5 times 
33. Get into the habit of getting up at 8am! 
34. Volunteer in a Charity Shop
35. Adopt a dog

House and Home

36. Buy a House
37. Host a Dinner Party
38. Host a EuroVision Party
39. Adopt a dog
40. Host christmas dinner at our house
41. Take part in the 52 week organised home challenge here
42. Decorate my room for each season
43. Create a cleaning scheduele and stick to it
44. Buy a digital radio

Foodie Things

45. Try 25 new recipes (and blog about them)
46. Try 10 new cocktails
47. Succesfully grow herbs
48. Learn to bake
49. Bake along with the great british bake off
50. Try 15 new to me independant restaurants 
51. Have a dinner by candlelight 
52. Make 10 Recipes from Deliciously Ella  
53. Bake a pie from scratch 
54. Give up chocolate for the whole of Lent
55. Make a gingerbread house
56. Make a pizza from scratch
57. Master cooking a roast dinner 
58. Pack lunch for me and Tom everyday for a month
59. Go vegetarian for a month

60. Sort out my wardrobe  
61. Learn to sew  
62. Make myself a dress
63. Learn to walk in high heels
64. Have a boudoir shoot
65. Buy the perfect little black dress
66. Buy some beautiful Lingerie
67. Buy all the things on my goal weight wishlist 
68. Go charity shopping in London
69. Buy a Bikini I look great in!
Beauty and Pampering
70. Master Eyeliner!
71. Visit a Lush Spa
72. Stop biting my nails! 
73. Whiten my teeth
74. Get HD Brows done 
75. Get into a skincare routine 
76. Grow my hair long! 
77. Use up my whole stash of products before buying any more

Mental Health
78. Have an hour offline every evening for a month
79. Answer the 50 questions that will free your mind here
80. Take a mindfulness course
81. Come off my anti-depressants 


82. Visit Poland
83. Visit Amsterdam
84. Visit Dublin

85. Do regular photo an hour posts
86. Do the £5 for 5 days challenge 
87. Create a blogging scheduele and stick to it
88. Attend 10 blogging events
89. Improve my photography
90. Learn to code
91. Blog more about causes I feel strongly about 
92. Advertise on 5 Amazing Blogs
93. Complete a charity shop directory about Leicester
94. Start a monthly spend report post 
95. Meet 10 more bloggers in real life
96. Do a monthly blogs I love post
Films and Books 

97. Watch 100 new to me films
98. Read 25 books
99. Watch 10 documentaries
100. Join an online book club
101. Start a new 101 in 1001 list!   



  1. We started our 101 at the same time! Can't wait to see how you get on with yours lovely :) x


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