Thursday, 7 January 2016

Blogs I Discovered In December

So, one of the things I love about the blogging community is that there is always another blog to discover. I also love sharing and commenting and all round the support that you can gain from the blogging community.

With that said I would like to start sharing with you blogs I have discovered each month! Usually I would like to have the post up in the last week of each month but December was just crazy and so this is coming to you a little bit late!

Forever Amber

I don't know why it has taken me so long to discover Ambers blog as she is quite a big blogger! Her blog is absolutely gorgeous! She has gorgeous hair, and absolutely fabulous style! Her home is also the home of my dreams!

Second Hand Susie

I am not sure how I discovered Susies blog but it is exactly the kind of thing I am hoping my blog will become. A perfect mix of all my favourite sorts of posts, including charity shop bargains and photo an hour days. Susie has had some fantastic bargains which she has showcased and also this girl can sew! One of my weaknesses is not being able to alter clothes haha


I came across Julias blog when Katie from Life On Vista mentioned that she was the inspiration behind her 5 under £5 post. I thought it was such a good idea to post about 5 things you had bought for under a fiver (You know anything budget makes me weak at the knees) but when I looked at her blog it drew me in so much more. Julia writes beautifully about becoming a widow, and I must have read her blog for hours the night I found it.

Toasty Writes

I found Beths blog on the #CFBloggers hashtag on twitter. I am trying to educate myself more into which brands are cruelty free as I feel its something I should be aware of. Anyway I love her blog and her Cruelty Free Index I know I am not vegetarian, and I don't have any plans to go vegetarian.

Lovely Witches

I discovered Lovely Witches from Beths blog! She posted about the blogs she had been loving this year and this is how I found it! She posts mainly reviews about cruelty free, vegetarian and vegan beauty

Phases Of Robyn 

Last but not least another blog I discovered from Beths list is Phases of Robyn. I was immediately drawn in by her fashion posts. Her style is so perfect but not over the top and she just seems to look effortlessly chic!

Thats the blogs I discovered in December, and I will be back later in the month with the blogs I have discovered in January. Feel free to link below any posts of blogs you have discovered as I would be more than happy to read them!


  1. Thank you so much for including me, I'm really touched about all the nice things you've said about me and my blog! Five under 5 is going up next week if you want to join in! :) I'll have a look at the other top blogs you like too. Thank you! X Julia @ rainbeaubelle

    1. Thats no problem at all. I really enjoy your blog x

  2. Thank you so much for writing such lovely words about my little blog :) I'm actually having the worst week ever so this really, really cheered me up, Thank you! xxx


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