Thursday, 28 January 2016

January Empties 2016

So, as I am now not buying any more products until I am totally out of the ones I already own, I would hope that I will start to get through my products a lot quicker. My problem at the moment is that I have so many products I don't tend to use the same thing every day. For example I currently have about 6 cleansers on the go, so I assume one month my empties will be pages long!

Left: This was the 7th heaven manuka honey face mask and I didn't like it! Its a peel off mask but it just didnt set on my face and it was far too thin. This is the first mask from 7th Heaven that I have disliked though so I am going to continue trying out their products. You can buy it on there website for £1 but you usually manage to pick these up on offer in boots!

Will I Be Repurchasing? No.

Right: Retailing at around £8 the peaches and clean cleansing milk from soap and glory isn't cheap, but I really enjoyed using it! It feels soft on my face and has a lovely scent. One of the things that dissapointed me is that there still seems to be a lot of product in the bottom of it but I can't get it out!

Will I Be Repurchasing? Maybe. Not at the moment but I wouldn't say no to buying it in the future 

So, again only TWO products! I really need to streamline and decide what I am using but I am so indecisive!


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  1. Genuinely got excited when I logged on and saw an empties! I tried the passionfruit peel off mask and really didn't like it either, I used it in the bath and it went all gooey! I do like the Quick Fix Facials one though, think it's a brightening peel off mask :)

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent


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