Friday, 29 January 2016

Little Things 9

Taking an afternoon nap with Fagan 

Yup I took an afternoon nap, with my cat. Life goals right there everybody!

The Slimming World Ocean Pie I Made

It was DELICIOUS. Healthy, 1/2 syn per portion and I just felt like I was a proper little housewife. So what if I cut my thumb with the potato peeler and had to mash the potato with a fork because I don't own a masher (successful adulting right here)

Speaking to my parents on the phone

Saturday morning I had a really long conversation with my parents on the phone. They were on speaker in their car and it made me laugh because they kept on having their own conversations too!

A new bag and boots for £5

Yeah charity shopping is amazing. I was emotional and hormonal and I wanted retail therapy. I am having frugal feb I PROMISE

My bed again

Yup when my mental health is bad I take to my bed.

An unexpected message

One of my colleagues sent me a message of support on facebook and it made me cry a little. It was really kind of her to reach out to me when I was feeling so low.   


The Sue Ryder shop in Leicester is now an everything is £1 shop which is my absolute favourite charity shop type!! I like having a good rummage and sniffing out a bargain. I came across this Large gap jumper and it is so soft and warm that its everything you could want to have in a jumper to wear around the house!

My Slimming World Girls

I love pretty much every woman at my Slimming World group. Despite all being at different stages in our journies they are like a family too me and I could not get through it without them

My day out with Tom and Nana

After slimming world on wednesday we went for a day of shopping. We went to Ikea and also a designer outlet and we were thoroughly spoilt, and I just really enjoyed a day with two of my favourite people!


I had three whole glasses of prosecco and got a bit tipsy and all emotional.  


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  1. I'm 31 and I mash my potatoes with a fork! Mum gave me a potato masher last year but I haven't used it as it's packed away in a box somewhere from when we moved! #adulting


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