Thursday, 21 January 2016

Photo An Hour: January 2016

A while ago I came across the Photo An Hour concept on another blog, and I decided to join in! I was going to join in last month but I was at work and so I thought that would have been a very boring blog post, and so I decided to join in for January!

10:00am: You know those annoying "I just woke up like this" selfies that you see where people look perfect? Well this is not one of those! I did literally take this just after I woke up. It looks really posed because as I took it Tom kissed me on the head, but he was still asleep!

11:00am: The best kind of post! I got this nip+fab moisturiser from Boots Review Panel to try and I can't wait to try it our tonight

12:00: Only just getting round to having food! I made A Slimming World friendly version of my favourite mcdonalds breakfast wrap! If you didnt already know I am on Slimming World and you can see my food diary on instagram: charlottedoesslimmingworld.

13:00: Just chilling in bed, blogging. I have so many ideas for what I want to blog about and I am really enjoying blogging at the moment. I think it is especially since I stopped worrying about trying to "fit in" and found a lot more bloggers that blog about budget, charity shopping, house decor and all the things I love!

14:00: Dodger and Fagan decided to join me in bed and have a little afternoon snooze!

15:00: I am doing a major declutter of our house this year, I think I would describe myself as a hoarder! I decided to get up and do a little decluttering today (remember I said I am only doing things that make me happy?) So I sorted the top of my ikea expedit. I picked up this little tray for my perfumes from TK Maxx after christmas, the little snail at the back was a charity shop purchase that is now home to my hair bobbles and the little frame at the front is from Paperchase. The quote card was a present from Tom and it says Hey little fighter, soon things will be brighter. Its one of the first things I now see when I get up in the morning!

16:00: I am only slightly ashamed to say that I have been watching youtube all day. I have had it on in the background while I have been doing whatever today but I was watching Miss Budget Beautys currently loving video and she mentioned Mr Kate's OMG we bought a house series ... and so I have been binge watching that.

17:00: Just prepping a yummy dinner of chicken and chips slimming world style

18:00: Watching the Leicester game on the sofa with Tom

19:00: My favourite time of the day is when I get to relax in my nice hot bath. Not only do I come out feeling squeaky clean it really helps with my fibro pain!

20:00: Prepping lunch for tomorrow and monday! I always make pasta to take for lunch at work, nothing else seems to keep me full!

21:00 Hot Chocolate!

22:00: In bed on pinterest!

I really enjoyed taking part in this and will hopefully join in again next month! Feel free to comment below if you joined in and I will happily check out your posts!


  1. Love this! I really enjoy reading "day in the life" type posts, I find them so interesting! Really love your snail pot by the way, it's so cute :D

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

    1. Thankyou

      I love them too but I think thats because I am dead nosey!

  2. I love reading this type of post, I'm nosey too! :)

    I love your cats names! so cute!


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