Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Little Things: Five

Suprising My Parents On Christmas Eve

My parents thought we were coming on christmas day so after work on Christmas eve we arrived and suprised them! My mom actually screamed.

Staying up until 2am Christmas Day

My husband, brother and I were all squeezed into one room over the weekend and we stayed up chatting and giggling until 2am like a proper little sleepover (and I still woke up at around 5am Christmas morning like the big child I am)

Christmas films!

Telly had all my old favourites on Christmas day. I watched Scrooge, The Snowman, The Snowman and Snowdog AND muppets christmas carol!


I went to bed on Christmas day and my food baby had a food baby. Thats how full I was! But boxing day was spent in my PJs, writing blog posts and eating leftovers (Cold roast potatoes are my favourite, don't judge!)

Induction at my new gym!

I really want to make going to the gym once or twice a week a part of my new routine and I have joined the newly opened PureGym in Leicester and its so shiny and new! I had a good feeling there, and can't wait to try out the classes!

Lunch with Jupp

A friend of my hubby's that is currently living in poland and he met up with us for lunch which was lovely! 

Sale Shopping

I have bought so many things in the sale! I possibly went a little overboard and actually now January is here I am being a lot more strict with myself!!

Charity shop haul

I only popped into the Life charity shop in Leicester and came out with a tommy hilfiger dress for £2 and some bright pink doc martin style boots for £5. I was very impressed

Early New Years Eve

Because I was working new years eve and day we decided to have a little celebration early! We sat in bed with a little spread of leftover christmas food and a glass of prosecco each and talked about our favourite parts of the year!


On tuesday I did my first gym class - legs, bums and tums, and MAN did I feel it the next day. I could barely walk, and sitting on the toilet HURT. So my bath when I got home from work felt even more heavenly than normal (I swear I heard my muscles sigh Ahhhh)

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  1. Aw that's so sweet to surprise your parents like that :)

    Corinne x


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