Friday, 15 January 2016

The Little Things: Seven

So after the bit of a fail of last week with barely any positives I thought I would try my hardest to find positives in everyday this week!

Edit: I am so glad I update this throughout the week. If I had come to write this tonight (thursday) I would have been saying sod it, life is shit. But its ok. More negetives than positives this week but lets forget them yeah?

Being Back At Slimming World

Even by the end of my first day at Slimming World I felt better. In the knowledge that I am fuelling my body well and I know the weight will come off, even if it's slowly ...

My New Yoga Class

I went to a Yoga class at my gym last friday and there were only 3 of us in the class which meant the instructor could really spend time making sure we were doing it correctly! I really believe if I can try and go every week it will do wonders for both my physical and mental health.

Reduced Tuna Steaks

We tend to have a wander round morrisons while waiting for the bus home and on saturday I found some tuna steaks reduced from £5 to £1.99! I love tuna but don't usually pay full price for them!

Bath and Onesie Time

I really enjoy getting into my onesie while the bath is running! Just sitting while it's running, watching vlogs and waiting to get into the hot bubbly bath. 


On my days off this week I have done a lot of sleeping. It has done me the world of good, because truth be told I have been feeling really down.

Watching my cats groom each other.

Right now, dodger and fagan are curled up next to me while I watch 50 shades of grey just cleaning each other and its something I find overly cute!

Getting My Half Stone Award!!

In ONE WEEK. How on earth I lost that I will never know, In fact I am expecting to go back next week and have gained most of it back and they tell me theres been a mistake, because thats crazy!



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