Friday, 8 January 2016

The Little Things: Six

I always start this post the day the last one was published, and this week that has started from me in bed with a fibro flare up! Which isn't really the way I wanted to start the year, but hey ho, let's carry on anyway. I really didn't have many positives this week but here are some:

My cat stealing my hair bobbles

It made me laugh way more than it should have done! Fagan was just walking around the house with a hair bobble in his mouth, head held high like he had caught something he had been stalking! 

Binge Watching Lily Pebbles And ViviannaDoesMakeup

Yeah I sat watching their beauty chat  playlist on shuffle and I just cant get enough of them! If you haven't watched them, where have you been!! Go and watch the whole playlist here now!  

Milk and Cookies

Not been very well so Tom bought me milk and cookies! Mmm. This was before I was back at Slimming World for the record! 


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  1. I can just imagine your cat prancing around with the bobble in his mouth! Lol! It's your very own personal gif! I love watching their videos especially Vivianna Does Make Up!


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