Sunday, 17 January 2016

What I Regret NOT Buying From Charity Shops ...

So, as you guys know I do A LOT of Charity Shopping. I go through varying stages of I MUST BUY ALL THE THINGS right down to "I must only buy things that fit me exactly right, right now, and I know EXACTLY when I am going to wear them! This has meant that I have some moments where I think why did I buy that ... but actually more gutting are the why didn't I buy that moments, and I thought I would share a few of them with you today!

1. The Gold Pleated Skirt.

When I was browsing one day in Leicester I picked up this midi length skirt that was slightly shorter at the front and totally in my size. It was new with tags on, and was around £4.49. I picked it up, I put it down. I reasoned with myself that It would look fab with just a black top and boots for the Leicester Bloggers Night Out. Then I thought maybe I would look a bit over dressed.

Then last month I opened vogue and saw a very similar skirt (don't believe me you can see it here) and immediately cried inside.

2. The Umberella Print Dress.

The Age UK shop that I got to in Leicester often reduces things once they have been there a little while, and as I tend to go through there everyday on the way to work I often keep my eye on things. There were two Ax Paris knitted short dresses, one in a zigzag print the other bright blue with these cute little umberellas all over it. The zigzag dress went down to half price, and I held out for the other. Then one day it was gone.

Moral of the story? If you really like something don't be a tight arse. You will lose it.

3. The Snooker Table Tea Pot

This was something I saw in the window of the extra care charity shop, so in all fairness it may have been far too expensive, but It would have made a great christmas present for my snooker loving husband (and then gathered dust in some corner somewhere for the rest of eternity)

4. The asos leopard print jacket

I must have had my really sensible head on when I found this. It was like a faux suede leopard print, tailored jacket and it was less than a fiver. The only problem is it was a size 8 and I am a 14 at the moment (but that doesnt usually stop me buying clothes to slim into ... although I have been pretty good recently)

So there you have it, four things I wish I had picked up! Is there anything you regret not buying?


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