Thursday, 25 February 2016

101 in 1001 February Update

As I write this I am 55 days into the challenge. I was looking through my challenge and thinking that I haven't really achieved much but this is more like a marathon than a sprint and no matter how cliche that sounded I need to remember it!

Health and Fitness

The only thing that I have really made progress in in this area is becoming a Yogi. I have struggled again with my fibromyalgia but I have been trying out some of the Yoga classes!

Days and Nights Out

Nothing! I am going to start date nights with Tom though this month so watch this space ...

Finance and Savings

I am making progress towards savings and paying off credit cards but again this isnt a short term fix goal.    


This one I have managed to tick 2 off! I have started getting up before 8am everyday, because Tom has to be up for his new job and so even when I am not at work I get up with him!  

I also have started volunteering in the Marie Curie charity shop on a wednesday afternoon and I am really enjoying it!

House and Home

Nothing really to report here. I am working on decluttering the whole house and I think until I have done that I cant really crack on with many of the other goals in this category!

Foodie Things

This month has had to be really frugal and so we haven't really been feeling spendy! However, next month is our anniversary and things so we will be visiting a few restaurants and I am going to start putting more effort into my cooking!


Most of these goals actually depend on me getting to my target weight which I am kind of sad about as I am really starting to enjoy fashion ...

Beauty and Pampering

Nothing completed here but again I am making progress.  

Mental Health

I have stopped taking my anti depressants! I am not ticking this off yet though, I want to see that I stay off them.


I went to Dublin!  I really enjoyed it and I think i caught a bit of wanderlust


Again, I haven't completed anything in this category but I feel I am making progress which is always a good sign.  

Films and Books 

Since my last update I have watched 5 new films ... all at the cinema so I am really not getting through the pile of DVDs that I have accumalated ...  you can see all of the films I have watched so far here.

Goals Completed This Month: 3
Goals Completed In Total: 4


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  1. ''more like a marathon than a sprint '' what a great way to think about it!! I think you're doing awesome.
    Getting up early is the best too :)



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