Monday, 22 February 2016

Dublin 2016

At the beginning of the month we suprised my dad and took a family trip to Dublin! I had originally taken a lot of photos on my ipod and planned to do a number of posts showing what we did on different days, however the stupid thing has died on me, and so I am stealing some photos from my moms camera and doing a bit of a round up instead, how does that sound? A bit like a highlights post!

After getting up really early to catch our £9.99 per person ryanair flight, by the time we got to Dublin, we were really hungry! We found a little cafe called The Woollen Mills right on the River Liffey. After eating a peanut butter blondie and drinking earl grey tea we were refereshed and ready for a spot of shopping! I stumbled straight into a charity shop (and actually didnt buy anything!) Then checked into our air bnb.

That night we had a drink or two in an irish pub and then went to hard rock cafe, before getting some well earned rest after the very long day!

Day two started out bright and early with an irish breakfast! Followed by a day of touristing: The dublin writers museum, the national gallery and the guiness storehouse were all part of the agenda! I would recommened the Guinness Storehouse to anyone visiting Dublin as it was fascinating! 

After another long day we stopped at a nice but extremely over priced italian restaurant before retiring back to the apartment for tv and magazines and a chill before we started on day number 3 ...

Day 3 started with a rude awakening as the fire alarm went off just before 7am! After rounding up everyone and heading for the fire escape ... the bloody thing stopped as we were heading down the stairs! As we were already up and dressed we headed off for our next adventure ... Dublin Zoo!

I absolutely love animals, and if we are visiting somwehere that has a zoo, I will be going to it! I loved the way it was laid out, which meant despite a diversion due to some new enclosures being built, you could walk around the whole zoo in a loop! I was disappointed that the Lemurs were currently not available to see, so I fell in love with the elephants instead!

We then headed off to the Jameson distillery.

I managed to spy a little vintage warehouse when we got off the bus ... and I may of made a couple of purchases that I will share with you soon.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! I've never been to Dublin but its on my bucket list! My mum and dad have been tons of times they get the ferry too which is an experience in itself :)

    John ¦ Shout John


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