Monday, 29 February 2016

Goodbye February.

2016 month 2 is gone. How is that? We even had an extra day this month thanks to leap year and yet still it has gone in a flash. Im going to run through my highlights of the month.

  • I went to Dublin! We suprised my dad for his 65th birthday and had an awesome time. 
  • I started to take control over my health, both mentally and physically. It hasn't all been good but I have been making good progress none the less
  • I saw a lot of my good friends this month and discussed everything from weddings, divorces, babies and everything in between and it was lovely to catch up
  • I had one hundred million ideas for my blog! I just need now to turn these ideas into posts and I am also launching a second blog later on in the year. 
  • I went to London for the bloggers hangout fashion week event and I LOVED it. I wore a sparkly dress, because I wanted to and you know I am having fun with fashion now!
  • I left my job. Which isn't as exciting as it sounds, as I am still working for the NHS in the same trust, just not on the same ward and I am working on the bank which means I chose and book the shifts I want to offer me some flexibility
  • I started volunteering at the Marie Curie charity shop. Spoiler alert: I love it.
So I think thats it for feburary! Like I say it has been up and down, but overall I feel this month has been positive and I cant wait for March!


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