Friday, 19 February 2016

Little Things 11

So, funny story, I had a little things post written and schedueled to go up last week. It was my ipods job to upload that, and then it died. It still wont turn on and I am gutted because I have all my dublin photos on it (hence, why there hasn't been a dublin post yet) and yeah its just been a little nightmare.

So anyway, onto this week

A lady stopping me to tell me she loved my shoes

This has NEVER happened in my life before. I was wearing my neon pink, dr martin style boots that i bought for £5 and I was kind of hobbling, because trying to break them in has left me with the BIGGEST blister on the back of me heel, and she was like "OH MY GOD I LOVE YOUR DOCS" So, in that case they definately pass as the real thing, it made my day, and even if I cant bring myself to wear them again due to the poor shredded feet I will always have fond memories.

Avocado On Toast at St Martins Coffee

I have been hearing for the longest time how brilliant St Martins Coffee is in Leicester and yesterday I finally took myself in for a chai tea latte and avocado on toast and I was totally hooked. the biggest breakfast you have ever seen and they didnt skimp on any of the ingredients!

Starting my volunteer job in a charity shop

After wanting to do this for ages I have finally taken the plunge! Working for one of my favourite shopping spots, on my first shift I helped a lady get together a madonna outfit, and saw about 5000 things I wanted to buy! I think I am going to be very happy there

My new Instagram

So I mentioned in a blog post this week that I am going to be launching a second blog later in the year and I have been working on the instagram for it already! I have a lot of work to do but it seems to be going down well, and has been well recieved!

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