Sunday, 7 February 2016

Organique Blogger Event

On Thursday night I was ever so kindly invited along to the Organique Bloggers Event at their shop in Birmingham. As soon as I got the invite I was intrigued. Hidden just behind House of fraser it was easy to get to and the shop smelt gorgeous even from walking past! I am not a beauty blogger, but a 25 year old who is only just really getting her head around skincare, and recently I have been reading a lot of blogs about natural skincare and why it is better for you.

I have also been looking into the concept of being cruelty free. Now I am not about to throw out products I already own, as this would be totally against my thrifty ways, however I am going to make an effort to research cosmetics and skincare and make sure that anything I am purchasing in future is not tested on animals.

The shop in Birmingham is the first one to arrive in the UK, although already a successful brand in its own right mainly across eastern europe. After having a nosey on the website I already had my eye on a few products, but was weary of how much they would cost, but I am happy to report that the products I found to be on par with other brands and wont be breaking the bank.


When we arrived we were told that it was Fat Thursday in poland and so we feasted on doughnuts! The one that I tried was filled with custard and totally not Slimming World friendly but lets just pretend that it was ok? We were let loose and I must have smelt everything in the store! My favourite scents would have to be the orange and chilli (I purchased a bath bomb), the lemon and lavender (I purchased a cleanser) and a chocolate body sugar (I wanted but I had to restarin myself.

We then had a demonstration of some of the products which were slightly different to anything I had seen before! The algae face mask was lovely, and dried into like a jelly on the back of my hand and I am looking forward to purchasing one of these in the future!

There will be a full review on the products I was kindly gifted (and the few I bought) in the coming weeks when I have been able to properly test them out!  Thankyou to Suzie for organising the event and inviting me along!

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  1. Aww I loved reading your post about the event! I loved it so much, and it was lovely to meet you. :)

    Can't wait to read any reviews you may have of the products you picked up. :)


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