Friday, 26 February 2016

The Little Things 12

I cant believe how quick this year is going. Blogger cliche right there? I am so basic ok I can't help it. I am also eating this while eating avocado on toast if you want to expand the cliche. I am also in my pjs. What an exciting life I lead ...

I have just sat and read through the posts right from the beginning and it has made me smile.

So this week?

Starting to enjoy fashion again.

This sounds a strange one, but I have been watching a lot of vogue videos on youtube and I was listening to Bay Garnett talk in this video about how a lot of her clothes are from charity shops. For some reason it seemed to stay in my head, that fashion should be fun. Why am I choosing clothes based on other people when I should really just be thinking about how I feel in something.

Buying some leopard print trousers.

Totally innapropriate in the current climate but totally lovely and comfy and my style. Oh and they were £2.79 from the British Heart Foundation.

The Good Luck messages from leaving my job

I got super emotional leaving and my colleagues said some lovely things to me :)

Lunch with Leanne

I went out for lunch with one of my old friends for her birthday and I loved catching up with her.

Cinema dates with the hubby

In the last week we saw three films. God bless cineworld unlimited

American Birthday Cake Ice Cream

bought for me at the cinema, by my hubby :)

London with Kirstie!

I went to London on monday for fashion week, to go the Bloggers Hangout event and I loved wandering round carnaby street after with Kirstie (even if we were mainly looking for a toilet!)

Pretty Honest

I have been listening to this audiobook on the various coach and bus journeys I have had this week and have been loving it!!


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  1. Glad I made it into your weekly highlights! Birthday cake ice cream sounds incredible!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent


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