Sunday, 21 February 2016

Wear Everything In My Wardrobe Challenge?

I am about to say two things that if you know me will not be a huge suprise ...

1. I have A LOT of clothes
2. I am a shopaholic

I know, groundbreaking statements right? I have been really working on my wardrobe lately and you may have seen in previous posts I sorted out my wardrobe and so now any clothes that are now too small for me no longer live in my wardrobe. As I am following Slimming World I haven't thrown them away, I have just put them away in the spare bedroom and I am looking forward to trying them on as time goes by.

For now though I really want to figure out my personal style. Things that I like wearing and I feel good in etc, and so I am going to challenge myself to wear everything in my wardobe! With the excpetion of a couple of pieces, like my wedding dress, I have decided that anything I havent worn by my birthday in July will be going!

I was going to have a spending ban too, but who am I kidding that doesnt work for me, but I will be curbing my spending!

I am also hoping to do a weekly update, possibly on a sunday of what outfits I have worn this week!  Hopefully that will help me to decide which clothes I am enjoying wearing and finding out which clothes dont suit me, I dont feel comfortable in or I just don't wear. 

I am also hoping to have a blog sale at the end with any of the clothes that I have decided aren't for me but may be loved in someone elses wardrobe!

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