Sunday, 14 February 2016

Why I Don't Like Valentines Day.

Contreversially maybe, I don't like Valentines Day.

I think I actually preferred it the year I was single at university and my friends and I watched really violent horror films and got a curry. Now, just over 5 years of being in a relationship and nearly 3 years of being married I still don't like valentines day.

My whole bloglovin feed for the past week or so has only cemented my dislike for the occasion. I have actually enjoyed a lot of the fashion posts, I am not going to lie but I find the whole occasion is less about love and more about flogging as much expensive stuff to people as possible. What happened to a nice handmade card?

Our first valentines day together we went to Bella Italia. I got all dressed up and wore my fanciest perfume. Firstly we got a really rude welcome as they had written down 7pm when we had asked for 7.30pm. We then paid double the price of a normal meal to sit on a table wedged in really closely with all the tables around it (I get it, to make more money but I was close enough to smell the breathe of the man next to me)

The next year we decided on an anti valentines day. We went to Yates and paid a tenner each for a bottle of wine and two courses. We then went to a comedy show.

Since then? We just don't bother. I much prefer to celebrate our wedding anniversary by spending time together, than take part in a forced celebration where the focus seems to be more on spending money and publicly declaring how much they love their other half.

If you think you can convince me otherwise? I am up for opinions!


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  1. I TOTALLY see your point but you have an anniversary as an alternative! To us with an 'eternal boyfriend' Valentine's is the closest we get to an anniversary. Saying that, it's still just a massive let down. Well not MASSIVE. I've got wine. HUZZAH.


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