Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Home: Current Goals

I feel recently my house has descended into chaos. Its a mess, and I feel overwhelmed and like I dont have the energy to sort it. I have been on pinterest during my commutes and I have found a load of cleaning schedueles which I know will be realistic once I get to a baseline ... but getting to that baseline with ill health is proving a struggle.

Instead of letting it get me down I have decided to kind of brainstorm what I want the finction of each room to be which will help me to prioritise what I need to do. Realisitically I think my house is too small for all the things I own at the moment and so a big declutter is in order.

Lounge: when you walk through the front door you are straight into our lounge which I actually hate. When we buy a house one of my non negotiables will be a hallway. Even if its tiny I just dont like the front door being in the lounge. 

So anyway, I want the lounge to be somewhere we can wind down after work, but it is also the place I like to sit and work on my blog. I need to work on it being cosy, but also I have a big window that I really dont know what to do with. I used to have a big vase with flowers but the cats destoryed it.

Kitchen: while our kitchen is a decent size, it is a kitchen come dining room, come laundry and it tends to get overly messy. The table turns into the laundry pile, which I need to stop happening. I really want my kitchen to be a functional, organised room where I can cook and bake etc

Stairs + Landing: I am going to get a new laundry hamper because my life is that exciting and that will be the ONLY thing that is allowed to be on there.

Bedroom: At the moment we have a fairly larger bedroom which  is basically half the bed and half my dressing room. I want to buy a house where I can have these as two seperate rooms. I want my bedroom to just hold my bed and be a really calm place and ideal environemnt for sleep. We have enforced a no technology in bed rule and we wake up with our lumi light and it seems to be really working well! Again another room that needs decluttering and I also want some beautiful crisp white bed linen, but for now I would rather spend my money on a house deposit!

Bathroom: I reallly need to find a way to store towels in this teeny little bathroom because I am always getting in the bath and then having to shout tom to bring me one. Other than that its an ok place to relax. We dont have a shower though, and when we buy that will be a non negotiable.

Hopefully over the next few weeks I will be bringing you some progress posts along these rooms!

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  1. Ooo I love posts like this! I'm really excited to read what you end up doing with each of the rooms. :D I've just bought a house so I can't wait to start decorating each room! :D



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