Monday, 7 March 2016

I am back, and here is where I stand with feminism.

Hello everyone! I have missed my blog this weekend! I forget how much writing this gives me a realease, to just write down what I am feeling.

I have noticed recently on twitter there has been a big arguement brewing, usually antagonised by feminists. I am a feminist, but I have been criticised for wanting to be a stay at home mom. The way it is, I am in love with a wonderful man, and if I told him I wanted to follow my dreams and become an astronaut he would support my wishes 100%. As it stands though, my aspiration is to have his babies and stay at home caring for them. Why isnt this allowed?? Also why am I looked at by some for letting the side down.

I believe in equal rights. Which brings me onto the period leave arguement. I used to have horrendous periods that left me bed bound for the first two days when I was younger, and so I went to the doctor and had the implant put in and now they are fine. Now I am not naive enough to think that everyone could be magically cured like that, but if your periods are that bad, you should be having normal sick leave - not a special leave. 

As someone who has sturggled the last year especially with working through fibromyalgia, people can be dicks. You see, if I am struggling at work some will say "oh weve all been tired" so I know that youd get the same if you had period leave, "oh we all have periods - they arent that bad!!" My friend Becka said it best here 

I love the blogging community so much, and I know that sometimes we will have differing opinions. Most of the time there can be healthy debate but recently I have noticed more and more people just being plain awful to people who dont agree.

Dont agree with the period leave? You are a danger to women everywhere.

I guess what I am trying to say is, that I am going to keep bobbing along just being me, but I will state my opinion, but I wont just say you are wrong. We can be grown up and agree to disagree right?

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  1. Well said! I find it really disheartening that when having a debate, people have to become super aggressive and hateful.

    There is nothing that makes me sadder than people criticising women for being stay at home Mums!!! Being a Mum is a big deal. It deserves a bit more respect! Two super strong, hard-working women I know (my sister and my best friend) have both chosen to be stay at home Mums. Now, this should be absolutely fine but for some reason, people often make sly digs at them. It is as if they are under the illusion that being a Mum is easy which is INSANE because even if I spend ten minutes looking after their kids I am bloody exhausted. If I decide to have kids, I'd want to either stay at home with them or have my partner stay at home with them. It is just my personal preference. And I would hate to think there are people out there that would judge me for that decision.


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