Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Style :Wear My Wardrobe Week 2

This week seems to have flown by and dragged its heels all at the same time! Please be patient with me, I am really trying to find a nice light non cluttered spot to take my photos in, but I am really enjoying this challenge!

Left: New look maroon shirt. Bought from oxfam. I used to be really self conscious in this dress as it used to really hug my tummy area, and I was going to sell it, but I found this week that I quite liked it. Im going to hang on to it for now and wear it a couple more times and see how I feel.

Right: We went to the cinema and I opted for this really comfy grey maxi skirt that I think was about £2.99 and also a slouchy zara top (which I usually only wear around the house but I needed to be comfy!)
Left: This Henry Holland dress was one of the first real charity shop bargains I got. I love the pattern on it and I am sometimes self conscious about the bodycon shape. Its also far too short to wear without leggings!

Right: This oversized jumper was about £2.99 too and I really enjoy wearing it as its comfy and cozy! Its about three sizes too big for me but I think thats why I love it!! 

Left: This jumper dress was £4.50 from Loros and I get a lot of wear out of it because I love the tiger on it!

Right: Ahh this photo is so dissapointing! If you follow me on instagram you will see that I am wearing a black dress from IDOL which was £3. Its floaty and great for when you are having a bad body day! I paired it with maroon tights and this beautiful deep green jacket that you will be seeing in my march buyers archive!

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