Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Style: Wear My Wardrobe Week One

So, lets try this again shall we? I have far too many clothes. I probably wear about 20% regularly, and about 70% is in my back room to slim into. I had many a conversation with myself about whether to just donate it all and start again, but as I am losing weight with Slimming World I have decided to keep it all for now.

So my idea is that I am going to wear everything in my wardrobe over the next few months, documenting it all, and keeping a rather geeky spreadsheet documenting how many times I wear each thing. 

I will also be keeping a list of what I feel is missing from my wardrobe, and may possibly be adding these things in as I go! Inspired by Wearing My Wardrobe Blog I am hoping this will be a success.

So what did I wear this week?

So the pictures arent brilliant, I will work on that! I'll start at top left, then right, then bottom left, bottom right.

Outfit One: I wore this John Lewis vintage dress which I love. I bought it a while ago from the marie curie charity shop for around £4.50. I paired it with my studded boots that I bought from Loros, also at £4.50.

Outfit Two: today was all about the layers!! It was cold, so I had a vest top and denim skirt, both new look and years ago! On top I put this slouchy skull print tshirt (£1 from the Loros shop) and a zebra print cardigan, then a black fringed cardigan .... told you it was cold!

Outfit Three: This black dress is actually maternity, but its asos and brand new with tags and £4.99. I tried to show you the detail on the the top which is beautiful! I wore this for our wedding anniversary meal and it perfectly hid the food baby!  

Outfit Four: So sticking with the theme of throwing everything on because ITS SO BLOODY COLD, on the left I am actually wearing a vest top and tights and then black workout trousers and this cute zara top which I bought from the cancer research shop when I first moved to Leicester, i think it was about £3

Outfit Five: Again, the underneath is a vest top, three pairs of tights, and I think a thermal vest too. But what you can see is a zara dark green skater skirt which I got from the age uk for I think £1.99. I love it and its so thick and such a staple in my wardrobe. On top is this cream knit jumper which was around £2.95 from scope.

So thats it for week one, I will be attempting to upload this every wednesday, and the number of outfits will vary because a lot of the time when I am at work I tend to wear my uniform and then get straight into my PJs when I get home!

Hope you enjoyed this


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