Sunday, 13 March 2016

Weekly Roundup: One.

Why hello there, how are you? 

One of the reasons I started this blog was to help heal my anxiety. Before the blog, I used to not go out apart from work. Actually, strangely, I would go out with my husband or by myself but not with a group. This may seem a bit of TMI, but I think one of my main issues was that with my IBS is that I often need lots of toilet breaks, and I was really nervous that If I went out with a group of friends I couldnt just leave and go to the toilet (I once had to leave my basket in primark to go to the loo, and explain to a lovely lady in New Look that I really needed to go the toilet but could she please hide all these beautiful sale dresses I had found until I came back and try them on ... which she did!)

Anyway, what I am trying to tell you is that since starting in June last year I have made a ton of friends, I have travelled to Nottingham, Birmingham, London, Bristol, Manchester ... and met some wonderful people along the way. 

I always struggle though in finding a balance here talking about my health problems, without being totally negetive! So I thought I would round up my week on a Sunday? I can talk about how I have been mentally and physically, talk about things I have enjoyed this week (blogs, food etc) 

So here goes week one! 


Despite a little wobble midweek, this week has been ok! I had a day where my fibromyalgia and ibs were terrible meaning that I took to my bed with my comfy duvet and youtube and lots of deep heat but this then lead to a really down night where I cried into my hubbys arms and felt really down. Luckily a good night sleep and a good breakfast the next morning made me feel a lot more human (although I have strange pain in my ankles which is new ...)

TV I have been loving

This week two things have really caught my attention. Firstly I caught up on The Secret Life Of The Zoo (which you can get on 4 on demand) and I thought it was brilliant. Based at chester zoo it shows via hidden cameras showing what the animals get up to when we are not around.

Also I have been watching vintage episodes of Location, location, location. which is also available on 4od (I am not spondered honest) but its been interesting to see that 15 years ago you could buy some really nice houses for around £70,000. I am not jealous honestly.

Blogs I Have Been Loving

I have been really into interiors lately. I am saving for my first home, but also trying to make our rented house comfy and cosy on a budget of course, and I am hoping to share some of these posts in the future. However there are two blogs that I have been stalking and pinteresting. Charlottes blog The Home That Made Me is absolutely beautiful and she has such an enthusiasm for decorating that I think has rubbed off on me! Also Anna's blog Don't Cramp My Style is bloody beautiful! She rents a place and here blog is very much tailored to those who can't change there rented place too much, but style is amazing!!

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  1. I hate not knowing where the nearest toilets are when out and about. I'm fine when I'm with family (parents/boyfriend) as if I say "I need to go!", they know I need to go NOW! But it's not so easy when you're with people you don't spend day in and day out with.

    Funnily enough, I went to West Midlands Safari Park at the weekend and I said to my boyfriend that I wonder what the animals get up to when all the visitors are gone!


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