Monday, 21 March 2016

Weekly Roundup: Two.

So I know this was supposed to go up yesterday but I had to go to work (and just a side note, thats the last Sunday I may ever work! I am trying to book my shifts so that I get my weekends off to go on adventures with Tom!

On Saturday we had a lovely day out. Firstly we got the bus to Oadby (and got a contact high from the smell of weed) and had a walk around. Realised that marks and spencers are doing really well this year with their easter range! I wanted to buy it all!! Also, found that one of the charity shops has a selection of brand new with tags boden jackets and dresses all for about £30! 

We then went to Stoneygate to check out the real ale classroom, which although Tom enjoyed we felt a little like we were somewhere we shouldnt be as everyone else seemed to know each other! Even when Tom was buying the drinks the barman continued to have another conversation.

So we then ended up at Deli Flavour which I cannot recommend enough! We had a cheese platter and it was the perfect lunch!

We then went to Crafty burger on the night ... blog post coming soon!


I have had zero energy this week. It hasnt helped that I have done far more shifts than I have been doing recently, but also I purchased vitabiotics feroglobin b12 liquid. I am hoping that it helps! Other than that, mhy mood has been quite low at times but I am ignoring it and carrying on.  

TV I have been loving.

Me and Tom have been watching the life of cats on ITV, I really enjoyed that! Also we have been watching Trigger Happy TV on youtube which has been making me laugh far more than I should admit!! 

Also, I have discovered a programme called making space. More vintage 4od, but I am loving anything house related!

Blogs I have been loving.

 I have been on Becky Budbug a lot this week, mainly going through her FF posts to look at other blogs too!  

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