Tuesday, 19 April 2016

5 Under £5 April Edition

So, back in January and inspired by the lovely Julia at Rainbeaubelle I decided to start a series of 5 under £5 post. Well it is now April and there hasn't been a second one so I thought it was about time don't you?

The idea is that I know I show a lot of stuff that I buy from charity shops, but its not like you can go out and buy exactly what I bought, so these posts will be from ACTUAL shops that you can probably buy all over the country. This month all five things were purchased from Tiger!

So, I started off with these 4 pens which are four for £1. Is it sad to say that these are my favourite pens in the world? Working in the NHS I am going through pens possibly weekly as I have a LOT of paperwork to do and I first bought these pens months ago and when I went back to replace them they had gone and so as soon as I saw them in there again I snapped them up!

The ice ice baby cold packs I thought were going to be reusable but they arent, they are one use kind of things. In trying to control the pain I am constantly in I am trying a mixture of things including hot and cold therapies so these will be perfect for when I am away from home. They were £2

I then bought these yoga gloves and socks which I think were £3 each. I have been doing a lot more Yoga recently and these have been great at preventing my hands and feet from sliding especially during downward dog! 

Lastly, I couldnt resist this heart shaped tin at the till AND ITS FULL OF HEART SHAPED MINTS. I am so easily lead right? This was £2

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will hopefully be back with another next month!!


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    1. It is so much fun!! I especially like when I find branded cosmetics and things in pound shops.


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