Thursday, 28 April 2016

Christmas In April?

I can't even begin to explain how weird it feels for me to be thinking about Christmas already but I just can't stop. It all started about a week ago when, on a night shift break I was browsing pinterest when suddenly I found myself deep in christmas decor and diys. 

Before you know it, I have all these plans for a christmas eve box and dreaming about all the christmas markets I am going to visit and hoping that this year I can go to some christmas themed blogger events!! 

Then this week it snowed. I mean really snowed aswell, I was out in town in a tshirt leggings and spring appropriate jacket and felt like an absolute fool. I ended up back at home in my onesie, big fluffy socks and a hot chocolate which you know put winter in my head once again. If this wasn't enough while browsing my local charity shops bargain rail I came across a £1 snowman jumper ... and yes I bought it.

I think I am overly excited because for the first time in about 7 years I wont be working over Christmas. after working in retail where I had christmas day off but worked all these days around it and then working in the NHS I had been working every other christmas day but this year I am a flexible worker. In short I pick my own shifts and I am going to work really hard in the weeks leading up to christmas so I can have about 10 days off!! 

So anyway, sorry for putting christmas into your mind in the middle of April but its been driving me a little crazy to be honest ... and I am off to watch some vlogmas playlists (this may be a joke, it may not, you decide) 

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