Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sunday Round Up ... One


So one of the things I really love about blogging is that I can tell you all about my personal life. I dont have to hold things in, and hey, if I am feeling crappy I can tell you (and mostly you make me feel better!) I am aware though that some people dont like long rambly posts, so I am going to confine these to a sunday. I will talk about what I have been up to in the week, posts I have been reading etc.

This week started off with a bad couple of days of physical health. I have been going to the gym from aqua fit, yoga and pilates and monday my fibro was just not having any of it! So I spent the afternoon in bed watching youtube. Its really hard not to get down when you feel like you are stuck in bed when there is so much to be doing, but I am not going to dwell.

Apart from that I have mainly been at work, sleeping or eating this week. I went out on wednesday for a fab Yo Sushi date with my lovely friend Kirstie for Behind The Scent  
so loing my yo sushi virginity was rather tasty!

I also went back to Slimming world on wednesday and the number on the scales was eye watering, but we will get there!

Posts I have loved this week ...
  • I absolutely loved Kate's blog post and video about her bar cart. I am pretty sure when we buy a house I am going to make us one.
  • Leah hit the nail on the head in her post about decluttering. She basically put into words how I have been feeling about all my stuff recently.  
  • Weight loss bitch posted her views on whether you can be Fat and Healthy which I have to agree with
  • I have been reading Charlotte Shutrs blog obsessively this week! She went from a 13 Stone unfit girl to a bikini fit model and I think she is amazing. I am not planning to become bikini fit but shes such an inspiration!
  •  Hannah from Pull Yourself Together wrote a fantastic post on her motivations for blogging which I loved 
  • My good friend Kirsty did a USA easter food swap and I am totally jealous as I have never tasted a girl scout cookie!  
 What I have been watching this week ...

  • I have been watching quite a lot of videos that portray positive body messages and this one by point of you is by far my favourite. There has been a debate about whether we should be promoting plus size, but as far as I am concerned this girl is strong, confident and has amazing mental health
  • Helen Anderz vlogs. Like everyone of them, every single day. You can see them here.
  • Ab fab is now on netflix ... so thats my bath time watching sorted!
  • I have been watching a lot of capsule wardrobe videos, even though I dont think its something I would ever do, my favourites I think are by Madamoiselle and Vivianna Does Makeup 


  1. Love posts like this! Aw your cat is so cute! Xx

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

  2. I've actually never been to yo sushi either! Really need to give that a try. I like posts like this, always interesting to read!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. YAY YoSushi love! <3 There definitely needs to be a repeat visit!

    Kirstie xx


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