Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sunday Round Up ...Two

So my last Sunday started in agony curled up on the sofa watching the Leicester city game with a cup of earl grey tea. I have really got into the football this year, my hubby has always been a big Leicester City fan but had to give up his season ticket a few years ago when we had to start adulting and paying bills. It has been so lovely to see the foxes doing so well and I am 100% hoping the win the title!

Monday? Well I went to the doctors in the morning. I have been having real trouble with my digestive system this past month and it came to a head on saturday when I started to get these agonising stomach cramps. After using my normal heat therapy, peppermint tea solution and getting nowhere I arranged a Drs appointment this morning *(I only had to ring up 15 times to get through ...) and she is sending me for some tests and begrudgingly prescribed me some anti spasm drugs, do other people with chronic illness feel they have to fight there GP for everything? So I spent the rest of the day in bed, in my onesie because I cant seem to get warm!

Tuesday? It went better! I had work in the morning for 6 hours then food shopping. After Tom got home we went to see Eddie the Eagle for the second time because it is such a feel good film!

Wednesday? Again still not feeling well.

Thursday + Friday? Night shifts

Saturday? Not feeling well again.

So that pretty much sums up my week! Ill, Ill, Work and Being ill
Posts I have enjoyed this week ...

  • Katies post on her One Year Stomaversary was lovely to read! I read a lot of chronic illness bloggers and its great to see such a positive outlook. 
  • Charlotte has the most amazing collection of shoes which she shares with us on a sunday and this weeks edition NEARLY made me part with some of my house deposit.
  • I loved Hannahs hump day post showing off the beutiful skirt and brogues she owns! 

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