Monday, 18 April 2016

Wear My Wardrobe: Week Three

Well when looking through my photos to upload this week it looks like I havent worn many clothes! I promise I havent become a nudist, I have just spent a lot of time at work and so my main clothing this week has been my uniform and my PJs. I have also been poorly with my chronic illnesses a few days so I have been confined to the sofa. However there are still a few outfits to show you.

So anyway above are two photos taken in the same day! On monday I decided to go charity shopping after winning on the Grand National (Contraversial topic in the blogosphere but I always have a horse in memory of my grandad who was a bookie) and So I wore just black leggings, black vest top and black leggings and a hoody. I usually wear this so that If I want to try on things and there isnt a changing room its easy just to slip them on over. Its also good not to wear anything too fancy as it may hinder how clothes look when you try them on. 
I had bought this dress on the monday and so when I was going to Yo Sushi with my friend Kirstie on the wednesday I decided to wear it. I love the fit of the dress as it ties around the waist and then flows over my belly which is the part I want to hide. It also has flowy arms and just feels very spring/summer orientated! I wore it over leggings because you know its still england so its not that warm yet.

On the right I threw this tshirt over my black maxi dress (also new, this months buyers archive is shaping up to be a good one) to go shopping post night shift! I thought it was very appropriate!

Hopefully I will have more to show you next week!!

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