Monday, 11 April 2016

Wear my wardrobe: Week Two

Hello! I am back with a slightly delayed second edition of the wear my wardrobe! If you missed the original post you can read what I am doing and why here. I am going to apologise as well, I really need to check that my photos aren't blurry before I post them!!

Anyway, above left I was just wearing my leggings, vest top and my very favourite Ax Paris jumper with studs on the sleeves!

Right, we were travelling to London tuesday for Nanas birthday and I chose this striped jumper over my uniform of leggings and vest top. I did however find a hole in the sleeve so unfortunately that will have to go!!

I am sorry for the blurry photo but on the left is a New Look ladybird print dress that I got from the LOROs shop. I love it, even though it is a size too big!! I have to wear it with a cardigan or the arms gape a little. That still isnt enough motivation for me to get rid though!!

On the right is a trusty old vera moda dress that I bought from ver (back before I was such a dedicated charity shopper) I love the pattern 
On thursday I had an unexpected day off when the ward I should have been working the night shift on cancelled my shift pretty last minute, so I threw on my trusty leggings and another striped jumper! This one was in the sale at new look a few years ago

On the right is this beautiful striped button front skater skirt that I bought in a charity shop for £3. I got a lot of wear out of this Its so easy to throw on with a plain tee and a cardigan. This one was a zara sale buy at the end of last year! Ive just realised how many stripes I have worn this week!!

Then on saturday night we went out for a meal. I was post night shift and really tired so I threw on this greem like peacock feather print chiffon top. 
And thats what I wore this week!!


  1. Really enjoying these posts. My fave is the stripy skirt/cardigan combo, always a winner! xx

  2. I like your ladybird dress :D And your stripey jumper, I feel sorry that it has a hole, can you patch it with something?

    1. I did think about just kind of turning the sleeves up because the whole is right on the end!


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