Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Weekly Spend Report: Week One.

Inspired by two of my favourite money bloggers Jenni (Can't Swing A Cat) and Eva (Girl Counting Pennies) I thought I would start sharing with you my budget and spending reports. I have been using an app called Spending where I can track every penny that comes in and out of my purse.

You will know if you follow me or if you know me that I am trying to save for a house, but also trying to live and enjoy life at the same time. I am trying to cut down on my spending, and so I think that by sharing this so publicly it will help me when I am tempted to buy things I know I could be doing without (you know take out coffees, makeup other bloggers have convinced me to buy etc ...) So here goes the first week!!

Im not including what I pay in bills or off my credit cards etc.

Thursday April 7th

Cinema Unlimited card: £4
(I pay this to Tom weekly)

Wetherspoons for breakfast £5.05
(I totally should have had breakfast at home)

Clothes for Tom £4
(Impressed that for this I got 2 T M Lewin Shirts, Jeans and A Tshirt)

Maxi dress and brogues £2

(Cant wait to share these in my buyers archive post)

More charity shop things £7.82

Lunches for tomorrow £6.29

(I need to sort out my routine and start making our own pack ups because this is silly)

Vogue £2

Bru hot chocolate and bronkie £6.35

Just Eat £14.55

(I bought us a takeaway) 

Craft beer for Tom £3

Total: £55.06 
Omg. I actually squealed as I added this up. I had a lovely day out but I need to stop this.

Friday April 8th

Wetherspoons Eggs Benedict £4.99
(I need to stop treating myself to breakfast, our kitchen is a state and needs sorting)

Asda for a few bits £3.89

2 dresses from sense £7.90

Jacket from Loros £1

Imodium £2.49

3 pairs of knickers from primark £3 

face wipes £1

pens 75p 
(I needed some new pens for work)

Food for my night shift  £3.95

Chicken and avocado wrap for dinner £4.25
(I totally didnt want to stay in my house this week, went to wetherspoons for dinner.)

Bru large coffee £2.85

Total: £36.07
You don't realise as you are spending it that all these little bits add up.

Saturday April 9th

Groceries from Tesco £13.00

Total: £13
This was ok! This was things that we needed!

Sunday April 10th

Graze Box £3.99

Mcdonalds £6.98   
(This again comes down to not planning.)

Total: £10.97

Monday April 11th

Pret Breakfast £4.75
(I need to ban myself from breakfast out.)

2 dresses from extra care £7.98
(I won some money on the grand national and treated myself to these)

Pens from tiger £1

Yoga socks and gloves £6
(I had wanted these for a while and again treated myself)

Mints £2
(Honestly, I fell for the tin)

Cold Compress £2
(I thought these were reusable but they are not, my bad!)

Boots meal deal £1
(Using my O2 Priorities)

Deodarant for Tom £4
(These were on offer, they are usually £3.20 but on 2 for £4)
Total: £27.83

So yesterday I totally lost track but I am assuming it was much of the same. I didnt have any takeaway or coffee but I did go into town and buy a little bit of food shopping and womans own magazine so I could get vouchers for slimming world, but you get the jist. 

In total though I spent ... £142.93!!

My goal for next week? 

I am not going to eat out, drink out etc and I am going to make all my meals at home.
I am not going to buy any clothes.



  1. When I first moved out and went to uni I kept a spending diary for the first year, it's scary how it all adds up isn't it! Eeeeek!

    1. It is! Like when I was out I would think oh spoons breakfast is cheap ... and this is cheap and that is cheap ... but then you get to the end of the day and add it all up and think oh my god no wonder I have no money!


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