Wednesday, 27 April 2016

When you lose the will to blog ...

So this week I have totally lost the will to blog. Firstly, I usually take all my photos on my ipod, and that is having technical issues. It wont let me delete any photos but it wont save any new ones I take either. I noticed this when I went to do my wear my wardrobe post. It sucks. 

Talking of my wear my wardrobe post, I feel this week has been especially boring in that I have basically worn leggings, tshirt, jumper every day. I know its probably a mixture of my depression and self esteem but I just havent felt particularly creative at all. I have been on a major decluttering spree though which has possibly kept my mind off things.

I have also created myself a sort of readin nook ... more on that coming soon!

Anyway I just wanted to kind of share with you how I am slowly getting myself back into blogging ... because you know I miss blogging. I miss blogging everyday, and I think recently I have been getting far too bogged down with comparisons. Far too worried about not having a niche, and then I realise I didnt start this to impress anyone. I started this to overcome my health issues and make new friends, and the friends I have made so far have been fabulous!

So, what have I been doing to try and overcome bloggers block?

  • Reading Other Blogs! I have been reading and discovering a lot of new blogs this month, and also commenting on my favourites, this seems to have helped me feel like I am still in the community without actually updating my own space.
  • RSVPing to Blogger Events! So I have suddenly had an influx of invites this week, its as if these people knew I needed a bit of inspiration!
  • Cutting Myself Some Slack remembering that I am only human. Luckily my blog has no deadlines, no pressure to post ... only the pressure I put on myself.

So thats it for now. I doubt you'll here from me for the next couple of days (night shifts again) but next week I have a fun week planned where I will be focusing on improving my mental health through diet, exercise, long walks etc.

Thankyou for sticking with me, and thankyou so much to all my wonderful friends I have met through this blog!



  1. I'm glad you're not beating yourself up about it. It's easy to lose track of things when you're feeling down. This is a great post though, thank you for the insight!
    I hope work goes okay for you the next few nights x

    1. Thankyou for the comment! Last night was a strange one but I have had a good days sleep and now I am ready for some more!!


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