Thursday, 14 April 2016

Why every blogger needs blogger buddies!

One of the best things that has come out of my blog is having blogger buddies. They don't even necessarily have to have a blog similar to mine. Some of my best blogging buddies write beauty and makeup, others write about wine, others just brain dump everything like me but I couldn't live without them and I wanted to write a post about why I love them.

1. You can have a bitch about things without looking too unprofessional.

So, if I say to any of my non blogger pals "Urgh did you read X blog post or see X youtube video" they will usually wonder what the heck I am on about. However I do enjoy having a moan about things that I have seen or read to some of my blogger pals. I would never publically bash anyone, or post negtive opinions on the internet but sometimes something really annoys you and this is how you let off steam.

2. They REALLY understand me.

Since blogging and opening up about my fibromyalgia and depression I have really found support in the spoonie community. A community of chronic illness bloggers who when I post on twitter that I am feeling rubbish they will send me gentle hugs. They tend not to judge when I have to retire to my bed in the afternoon, and never tell me to seize the day or make me feel guilty.

3. They are enablers, in a good way.

Whenever I go out shopping with blogger pals they are like having the biggest cheerleaders. They will tell me if the lipstick is good, or if the hyped up product is actually rubbish. They will also tell me that things will look fabulous in blog photos!

4. They dont mind if I take photos of food before I eat.

In fact we are all probably doing the same thing! In fact on that point, they have also introduced me to loads of really nice places to eat, and I have enjoyed going out and being social with other bloggers!! 

5. They are always there for you.

No matter when it is there is always someone who will pick you up. Theres always someone to talk to, and I have gone from feeling like a really lonely person to feeling like theres always someone available for a chat!

Thankyou to all of my blogging pals and thankyou for always being there for me, and know that I am always here for you if you need me! 



  1. Half the reason I wanted to start blogging was not for any PR or 'freebies' reason but to meet new people! I've only just started blogging but I'm really looking forward to meeting more people and being part of the blogging community.

    Emma x

  2. Yes yes yes to all of the above - love it and so true!

  3. This is the cutest post! Definitely agree with the first point, having someone you can let off steam about certain things with means you avoid getting so wound up you feel the need to rant publicly! Thanks for always being there for my rants hahaha!

    Kirstie xxx

  4. Love this! I definitely need more blogger friends. I don't have any around me :(

    Lee -

  5. Never enough beauty bloggers in NYC. What a shame :(


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