Monday, 9 May 2016

Becoming A FODMAP Foodie ...

I had just about started to get a grip on healthy eating. What I could and couldn't eat. Then BAM. Doctor says my IBS has gotten really bad and he thinks I should start following a low FODMAP diet, and on first glance I think OMG YOU ARE BANNING EVERYTHING FROM MY LIFE. I mean, mushrooms. gone. Most wheat and dairy gone ... chocolate, pasta ... I can't even bear to think about it ...

Walking home from the doctors I start to fall into a bit of a melodramatic spiral downwards thinking about how I will never eat out again and I will be that awkward person that goes to events and starts telling the host that they cant eat anything on the menu ... when it occurs to me my friend Tania (When Tania Talks) is a fodmap foodie. Then posting on twitter my friend Ellie sends me a blog link to HER blog which explains the whole thing to me here and immediately I felt less alone. 

So yeah, I would explain what the diet is but I think that Ellie has done it so well that I will just kind of leave it here. This is what's happening, and if anyone has any information I would be grateful for it. I intend to blog more about Fodmap diet once I get my own head around it a bit more.

Anyway, I have a new word Blogtimism. Its like Optism but specifically related to your blog. You know like Oh crap I have to follow this really ridiculous diet but on the bright side I get to blog about it!!

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