Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Body Positivity!

Recently I have been watching a lot about body positivity. Its something I have struggled with throughout my life. Especially since going onto the low FODMAP diet and having some problems, I have found that most of the foods I relied on during Slimming World could be upsetting my stomach in terms of my IBS. It makes sense actually when I think about it, when I was at my thinnest I was in hospital the most with the pain I have ever had (and I was eating a lot of onion, garlic, mushrooms, apples ... all high FODMAP foods)

Anyway, after seeing the Miss England documentary (read here) I was determined to stop living for "oh when I am thin I will do this or that" and start really enjoying my life and body as it is. My focus has shifted onto getting my body healthy from the inside, this IBS has plagued me for far too long and I really need to give it my all now and take the bad days with the good. Take my medication, follow the FODMAP diet 100% but mostly work on my mind.

I have been watching a lot of body positive youtube videos lately and there are two that have really stood out to me and I have enjoyed a lot:

This video of Jessamyn Stanley was shared on the mode youtube page and I was mesmerised by it. I found it when I was at my lowest. There was a debate in the comments about her saying she was healthy. While I am not going to get into a debate about the fat and healthy thing, what surprised me was that no one thinks about mental health. Surely by accepting yourself, that can really help you be mentally healthy and that is one step towards a holistic healthy person

Also, I came across LearningToBeFearless and had been watching her plus size hauls and seeing how confident she looked and then todays video below sparked this post today

I need to stop comparing, start living. Start wearing clothes that I enjoy instead of trying to blend in. Most of all I need to look after my body, because its not well and I need to try and help it recover as best I can.

Are there any other body positive videos you think I should be watching?

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