Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Foxes Never Quit.

I have held back from writing about the football here on my blog until now. As I write this I have sat and watched the Chelsea Game, cried over the win and drank a couple of whiskey and gingers in celebration with the hubby.

I would never have called myself a football fan, but I am married to a long term Leicester fan. In fact he took me to a game as one of our very first dates (Photo above, he even gave a shirt to wear! and I have been wearing it at home this season) and even back then I remember getting swept up in the atmosphere of the whole thing! Now unless you live under a rock, you must by now have heard the story of the underdogs who have won the Premier League.

The biggest thing I am taking from this personally is the ANYTHING is possible. No matter how many people around are saying that it is not possible, Leicester have proved that it is. You can spend millions (be it on a football team or on a more personal level clothes, shoes, treatments) but in the end you don't need it. A bit of grit, determination and a bit of hunger for it and you can do anything.

I have loved my whole city coming together. Every single local business has been BackingTheBlues and I have loved the atmosphere and the buzz it has created. I am going to keep this in my heart going forward.

Foxes Never Quit. Anything Is Possible.


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